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Social Media Laws (Essay Sample)


The steps that have been implemented by the social media platforms to ensure that they win

Social Media
The advancement in technology has led to the increase in the number of social media platforms. The proliferation of these platforms has led to the need for the owners to strategize on the best methods to attract and retain their users. Different platforms have implemented different strategies so that they can compete favorably with other social media platforms.
One of the strategies miniaturization ability by these platforms so that they can be accessed from any internet accessory. For instance, Facebook and Twitter platforms could not be accessed via phones during their initial times but currently they can be accessed from any internet enabled phones (Mangold and Faulds 363).
Provision of other functionalities that were initially not meant for the platform. It includes the ability to send and receive messages instantly through these platforms. Due to increased competition these platforms have been enabled with the ability to receive messages sent instantly without necessarily login in into the platforms. Also, they have enabled notifications via phones on anything going on in these platforms (Mangold and Faulds 360).
Multimediality in the social media platforms has also played a great role as a competitive advantage. Initially users were not able to post photos and videos. With increased completion and proliferation of the social media platforms, these features were added so as to meet customer needs (Mangold and Faulds 358).
Faster accessibility of the platforms has been highly enhanced. In the past there where heavy graphics that were utilized in designing the social media platform. These graphics made the site take long to load. Currently, the platforms can be accessed within a microsecond as long as the user has Internet a...
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