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Recommendations To Improve Business Operations At The SLAS Department (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this report is to talk about practical business communication and see how the strategies under the concept can be helpful for capacity in a long and a short-term basis.

Professional Communication for Business 7 Course Student Number Date To: 
 Professor Alessandro Benati, Head of SLAS Department, University of Portsmouth From: 
Specialist Educational Business Consultant Topic: Recommendations to improve business operations at the SLAS Department Date: 
22nd April 2018 Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to talk about practical business communication and see how the strategies under the concept can be helpful for capacity in a long and a short-term basis. For SLAS, it is essential to develop reliable and effective strategies to develop communication and make the entire framework smoother to ensure long-term growth. In face-to-face conversation, it should be ensured that it is as natural as possible and in virtual communication, unnecessary dependency on technology should be avoided, and these meetings should be well-timed. These effective communication practices lead to sustainable teams as well which means that the team is comfortable together and can communicate its concerns without any hesitation. Introduction Over the past decade, the concept of active and active communication has penetrated into various sectors across the world CITATION Men142 \l 1033 (Men, 2014). Businesses in all sector are focusing on improving ways and principles they follow to communicate so that they can keep the doors of opportunities open for themselves CITATION Mil161 \l 1033 (Milton & Lambe, 2016). This concept of effective communication has various dimensions, and due to its full scope, it can also be applied on a university. For instance, University of Portsmouth is a growing capacity and has the potential to reach a broader population through its strategies of communication. This report is based on an analysis that will allow the understanding of how effective communication can be applied at SLAS department of the university. Analysis The significance of Effective Business Communication Business communication is a robust tool for companies and business organisations to interact with each other on a better and upgraded scale. On top of that, if the communication is effective, it adds many values to the business context since it provides the company with new ways to grow. It has been argued by Cornellissen (2017), that effective business communication is a need of every capacity these days including companies, and social and academic institutions. With the higher population, better business strategies and more people being part of the labour market, professional capacities need well-established and mature strategies to send along their messages to other parties. These interactions need a proper channel to go through and even if there is no official channel, there is a need to design an action plant which goes a long way. Just like any other regular business, SLAS can also benefit from this tool. That is because it is a diverse and extensive capacity with a more substantial number of people which is expanding on a rapid scale. With that into account, a more significant number of people needs a framework for effective communication more than anything else. It helps in ensuring that any potential issue related to lag in communication can be addressed in time CITATION Kan17 \l 1033 (Kang & Sung, 2017) Face to Face and Virtual Communication There are some ways of communication, and the most important two are face-to-face and virtual ones. In face-to-face communication, the individuals get to meet in person and exchange their messages while virtual communication is in a digital form. Both of these mediums of communication have their pros and cons and companies trying to adopt any of these should keep them into account before designing a strategy. For example, when face to face communication is more mundane and natural, it can be a challenge regarding leading to overcommunication and the inability to understand each other’s viewpoint. In this instance, it should be made sure that the group understands each other and there is a space to promote diversity. On the other hand, virtual communication is on a digital platform which bridges the gaps between various capacities allowing people to talk when they are not physically present in one place. However, this method can be monotonic and less of emotions because of the physical distance and the use of technology CITATION Aus15 \l 1033 (Austin & Pinkleton, 2015). In this instance, the standard practices of effective communication suggest that these conversations should be arranged whenever necessary and should b adjourned within a specific period, so nobody loses interest and motivation to participate. Sustainable Team The tools and techniques of effective communication can lead to some positive consequences for any business capacity. It can also make it possible to develop a sustainable team. Regarding SLAS, the department is continuously looking for opportunities to develop sustainable and prosperous teams that can interact and work with each other without any hesitation. In that context, effective communication techniques can make it easier to segregate the teams within the department so that people belong to the group they are relevant to CITATION Qui08 \l 1033 (Quirke, 2008). It is mentioned by Jung et al. (2009) that when it comes to developing a sustainable team, it is very crucial for teams to have a robust set of goals that are realistic as well. In the capacity of the department, it is necessary to set up individual and group goals and have sessions designed to talk about these goals. These meetings can act as effective ice-breakers and allow all the members to come out of their shell. With the rise of globalisation and corporate culture, all professional capacities need to ensure that their goals are in line not only within the team but across teams as well. Additionally, in an academic capacity like the University of Portsmouth, these strategies of effective communication can help expand the system to a full extent while paving the way for competitive market strategies. This is one of the ways to develop a sustainable team which means a group of people that can work together, promote diversity and handle diversity professionally as well. Identifying an Organizational Culture To come up with a strategy for effective communication, there is a need to identify the organisational culture. It is because identifying the pattern of culture in an organisational setting allow the participants to work accordingly and also raise their appreciation and concerns about the communication strategy CITATION Bro11 \l 1033 (Brotheridge, 2011). In business organisations and other professional settings, there are some ways used to iden...
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