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Uber's Use of Business Intelligence (BI) (Essay Sample)


Select an international organization, outside of the KSA, that utilizes Business Intelligence (BI) and provide a brief description (e.g., mission, vision, values, and industry) of that organization. Then, address the following questions:
How does the organization use BI?
What benefits and drawbacks does this organization encounter when using BI?
How might your current or a past employer use BI?


Business and IT Discussion
Uber is a diverse company that is going places fast, this is the reason why they have come up with solutions to support their business growth. Uber's huge growth in many countries around the world is mainly fueled by swiftness, simplicity together with convenience  (Amazon, 2022). Customers are assured that they will receive all three standards when they order an Uber ride. Uber uses the spend visibility feature in Amazon Business powered by Amazon Quick sight (Amazon, 2022). The Amazon insight business intelligence system lets everyone at Uber to understand data by asking questions, exploring through interactive dashboards, and looking for patterns as well as outliers that are powered by machine learning. With this technology, Uber can see the total spending, order size, number of items, and more. Additionally, the system simplifies calculations since they are done by Amazon.
One of the primary advantages of business intelligence for Uber is that it helps the business to have a complete view of data and make an informed decision 

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