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Write a Descriptive Essay on Selfie Frames Topic (Essay Sample)


To write a descriptive essay on selfie frames

Selfie is the trend of taking pictures today, from the presidents to celebrity have made selfie taking the form the town, well as taking selfies is concern let’s see how one can upgrade his or her selfie to make it look more attractive and impressive to the people out there. By doing so we are going to see how to make the best selfie frames. With this frames you will be certain of taking your selfie to the next level, meaning you are adding more likes on your pictures on the social media and any friend who comes across them.
Bluetooth selfie kit.
With the package of these, you are good to go as you connect your phone and with the selfie stick. It being Bluetooth control you are able to close yourself within the frame that you have either with fake mustache or what type of frame is there and take the pictures using the Bluetooth selfie stick. Making it an awesome selfie.
Addition of words to caption.
Words are always the keys used to describe each moment thus adding words to your caption allows you to attract more people to your caption as they want to see what this caption is speaking about. Well this word adding makes it very unique way of building your selfie frames and making them super attractive.
Foam frames.
Foam frames have been there ever since making them one of the easy frames to use. Foam frames comes even with an application that allows you to edit your picture without so such usage of time and energy. The foam comes with different colors and shapes with these shapes you are capable of fitting your selfie into them giving your selfie a colorful look.
Personalized Instagram frame.
Instagram being the talked about application and it connects millions of people it is a very wise idea to have the cut out Instagram frame, this makes it a unique frame from other frames out there. It makes your photo to appear within a photo a frame within a frame, what a unique way to have your photo done.
Selfie photo wall.
This is a way to impress the teen as their selfie will appear to be taken from the walls of their taste and preference. As these frames comes with different colors and they...
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