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Einstein's Idea on Space and Time (Essay Sample)


this is a discussion on einstein's idea on space and time. and why this is was a great idea. it is an appreciation essay written on 14th march on his birthday. 


The other time my mind was blown like this was reading Einstein's theory and conclusions on time and length, about how clock moves slower at high speed, length contractions, non simultaneity and others. That was through popular science books at high school level. Calculus and intermediate-level maths were yet to come. I was left wondering why would someone think so. If I see the world around there's no reason I should think so and even if I do I don't take it into account in day-to-day life. Einstein did give an example from daily life, of comparison between sleeping on a beautiful woman's lap and putting a hand on the burner. how hours look like second in former and second like hours in latter! Well, I wouldn't say the abstract entity called time is different in both contexts, as in, one is a 'time' of romantic literature and the other of natural science. God dint created time as per the syllabus. Also, poetry, philosophy, etc has been learned from physics and vice versa too. It is better if we see time as a natural entity across various perspectives and the beliefs about it verified by the rigor of physics. Probably the poets telling what they feel about time and physics telling the mechanism behind it.
So coming back to Einstein, the Michelson Morley experiment created a condition in which it became pertinent to take a stand in conformity with the results of experiments. Out of the only 3 variables speed distance and time, it was time's turn to become variable after centuries of belief of it being constant. That bold step was taken by Einstein. Contrary to popular belief it dint come out of sitting after an office job and doodling formulas. It was a work of years of focus, dedication and aptitude, and of course boldness. Also, it wasn't that Einstein was the only savior emerging out of darkness to provide

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