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How Does Shakespeare Convey the Complexities of the Human Condition in Hamlet? (Essay Sample)


Subject: English, Literature, and Philology
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 3
How does Shakespeare convey the complexities of the human condition in Hamlet?
Your essay should include:
• An introduction paragraph that explains what it means to be a complex human being
• A clear claim explaining how Shakespeare uses AT LEAST 2 literary elements (figurative language, tone, theme, and characterization) to develop a complex character within Hamlet
• 5 purposefully organized body paragraphs, with analysis supported by relevant reasons and evidence
• A conclusion paragraph that effectively wraps up your essay and connects back to your introduction and the essential question, "what are the complexities of being human?"
• APA formatting and referencing.


How does Shakespeare convey the complexities of the human condition in Hamlet?
A complex human being is one that tends to think beyond the box and is known to be inquisitive, intellectual, and creative. If you have a variety of features, feelings, and characteristics that are difficult to categorize or comprehend, you are considered to be complicated. It can indicate that you have a complex personality with both good and bad traits as well as opposing ideas or emotions. Complex people frequently have rich inner lives, making them challenging to forecast or fully understand. Being complex may also signify depth, nuance, and the ability to alter and grow, so it's not always a bad thing.
Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" makes use of a variety of literary devices to elucidate the nuanced character of

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