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Intrusion Detection and Prevention (Essay Sample)


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Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
PRTG is a solution used to monitor computer networks. It is cloud-based; thus, you do not need to install a database on your computer. In this report, a sensor is an aspect of the device that we want to monitor. A probe is that does the pooling of information about a given sensor. Accompanied with this report is a pdf file for a report generated for one day for my network. The following section is an explanation of the report:
1 Core health
This sensor monitors the status of the PRTG core server. Some of the parameters it shows include the age of the code, committed memory, CPU load and many others. In our report, the age of the code is 1479 days. These are the number of days since the last time the core was updated. Committed memory of 72 bytes and CPU load of zero percent.

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