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My biggest achievement Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to express in an essay what has been my biggest achievement so far in my life.


My biggest achievement
By: Angel Ramos
Back when I was in 8th grade, we had our very first Technology Fair. We were all assigned pairs and were able to choose between Website making, Magazine making and Media (which could be a Videogame, Video or Animation). I was assigned with ha friend of mine, who was known for not being good at working (not necessarily because he didn't have the ability to do so, but because he didn’t believe in himself and lacked the confidence to make an effort). We decided that we were going to make an animation, a little cartoon, because we thought it would be fun and I personally wanted to start making a bigger improvement in my drawing skills. We both had no experience with animation whatsoever, so we thought that watching some animations and tutorials would help us get an idea of what we had to do. I started watching a Youtuber named DrawWithJazza and started to dig on some tutorials to start having some understanding of how much time it would take me to learn how to work around the program. The first week passed and we thought we were ready to start working in the project, so because I was the one who owned a laptop at the time, and we were not able to download the program in the school's computers, we decided to start working in it. It then turned out that the program we had to use had to be purchased, plus I wouldn't be able to draw efficiently with merely the mousepad (we had not considered that factor). We tried to figure out ways to make it work, and we spent a whole week in that, with no fruitful outcome. We explained our issues to the computer teacher and asked if we could change our project, to which he agreed, but warned us that we had to show the first two weeks progress along with the third, since we had nothing and there was only two more weeks left for the technology fair.

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