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Technology: Supporting Students for Scientific Research (Essay Sample)


Writing instructions
Supporting school students for scientific research by applying theory in motivational space/spacecraft/earth observatory framework.
Master students from TU Berlin who study master of science in space engineering took initiative to mentor / coach young scientist with age below 19 years old to perform the Astro Pi challenges mission zero and mission space lab that in a garage robotics club in berlin ( mostly remote work during pandemic ). The experiment ran for 3 years and still going.
Young students experiments got reviewed and guided by Experienced lecturers with doctoral degree in aerospace science.
The experiment shows a high impact on kids to get better understanding of the theory by applying their scientific experiments in outer space and fulfill and boost their passion.
Furthermore, the students who got responsible on mentoring kids got better and solid understanding of the topics. As Einstein said “ you only understand it, if you can teach it to a 12 years old kid”
Recently we got qualified by the European Space Agency and ran 3 experiments in the international space station for young kids. 1 was studying life inside the international space station and possibilities of future space travel and habitat. The other two was studying life on earth according to the ESA mission space lab framework.
Amazingly all the 3 teams made it to the last phase and got to be of the 152 teams out of 398 from phase 1 and out of total number of approx. 15700 submitted. Nevertheless, one of the teams made it to be one of the top 10 winners.
It was an amazing experience during the pandemic time and with remote work handling the kits and hardware to students was hassle but it helped kids maintain healthy learning mode during the hard home based time.
9. Mechabot from Robone Robotics Club in Germany who investigated how the Earth's magnetic field correlates with its climate, and how this affects near-Earth objects' behavior in low Earth orbit.
Mechabot our winning team.


Technology: Supporting Students for Scientific Research
Supporting Students for Scientific Research
* Introduction
* Paper title
* Supporting Students for Scientific Research
* Briefly introduce the topic.
* Technology and space exploration is essential in the current world technology due to increased investment in the project. The concept of technology has been applied in various sectors such as healthcare and industrial production. Numerous scholars have performed research on a similar topic to provide insight on the topic.
* Thesis statement: Does the use of numerous approaches assist in helping school students to achieve considerable scientific research on technology in space engineering and space exploration?
* Brief description
* The topic aims at developing insight on the practical application of theory on motivational space, spacecraft, and earth observatory framework.
* Body to the paper: Motivational Theory
1 Subjecting students to scientific research projects
* Creates awareness
* Provides students with an in-depth understanding of the concept.
* Exposures students to practical aspects of the field practice.
* Role of European Space Agency
* Creates room for competing programs through sponsored projects.
* Create an opportunity for every student to showcase their skills through practice
* Enable students to learn by demonstrating their skills through various projects.
2 Self-determination Theory
* Subjecting students to competition programs
* When school students are subjected to competition programs, they are forced to show determination through displaying skills, thus assisting in the scientific research project.
* It assists in subjecting the students to mastering various crucial scientific research techniques and using technology.
3 Subjecting students to the use of various technologies such as earth observatory framework theory
* The use of technology can assist in supporting students through scientific research through exposure to vast scientific software that provides an extensive data collection process.
* Using technology such as the earth observatory framework system for data collection enables students to understand space technology and the information gathering process.
* Summarize the whole paper
1 Motivational theory assists in preparing school students for scientific research and the use of technology in various analyses.
* Conclusion statement
1 Supporting school students through various approaches assists in motivating and mentoring young scientists to do more advanced research, thus assisting in creating new ideas on the use of technology in scientific research.
Technology and space exploration have been the current topic in many firms. Today, stakeholders can witness the massive importance of technology in the healthcare, transportation industry, production industry, and even recently in the sports industry with the introduction of 'VAR' as explained by Brunton. et al. [1] in their research. The most effective way to create awareness of technology efficiency is to provide education programs to the next generation at a tender age to assist in preparing them for the challenges and importance of technology. According to Fu and Hwang [8], considerable research has been done on the importance of supporting students for scientific research through various standard guideline approaches. Technology and space exploration would help the world achieve a better future, economic and infrastructural advancement in all industries.
Space exploration is one of the significant projects of various space companies, with Elon Musk is at the forefront in championing a series of space exploration and voyages. Through research, the exploration of multiple theories explains how technology and space exploration apply in school scientific research. The use of numerous theoretical approaches has supported science students achieve their research goals in space and technology engineering. However, the outcome obtained from these approaches can only be identified through research on the impact of technology on future economic and infrastructural development.
Motivational Theory
Space engineering and space technology concepts can be fully-fledged by creating awareness and supporting various students through their school scientific research projects. Experts are expected to be in the front line when supporting school students through their scientific research in aerospace science. According to Gopalan, Bakar, Zulkifli, Alwi, and Mat [2], one of the major approaches professionals can adopt to help science students with their research is subjecting them to various projects. Theoretical research is essential in creating awareness of the concept, but practice skills are the ultimate and most important in aerospace engineering. During their research, Malaek and Moaddab [10] highlighted that aerospace engineering students should be subjected to a series of projects to equip them with more advanced skills and knowledge on handling various space machines and technological analysis concerning space practice. European Space Agency has adopted the approach of subjecting diverse students from country membership to series of project activities dealing with scientific research on space engineering. A European space agency subjects science students to an ideal environment that mirrors the actual space activities, thus bringing scientific research projects into reality. According to Lin and Pryor [3], experimental challenges conducted by ESA that ran for three years proved essential in subjecting the students to various technological software to understand mechanisms that scientists can adopt in the data collection and analysis process.
Self-determination is another essential motivational theory that experts can apply to support students in spacecraft scientific research. Students tend to choose a course based on their dreams about aiding in developing an economy. The theory can support the students with scientific research by subjecting them to competitions requiring the development or advancement of different technological software used in spacecraft engineer analysis. According to Cao et al. [4], the students are likely to apply the theory to develop an in-depth understanding of the research question during the research process. Thus, aiding in growing their skills towards operating spacecraft and software necessary for the spacecraft's success. Everyone desires to be the best in the technology industry; therefore, they are likely to prove they are the best in the technology. The theory can be essential in supporting students in mastering crucial skills concerning the spacecraft and technology aiding in its operation. During his analysis, Pati Arambage [5] explores various scientific models in assisting school students in undertaking their scientific research through different demonstration processes. Scientific models like the spacecraft assist in supporting students in acquiring an in-depth understanding of the framework and functional operation of spacecraft.
The development of modern technology software can also help support students in their scientific research. Its use has eased the way human handle and undertakes activities in various sectors. Grainger [7], about the educational industry, stated that technology has seen a massive difference in approaches taken by experts to facilitate their research process. The use of earth observatory framework approaches helps support school students in scientific research with data collection activities for the relationship between earth and space. The primary concept of earth observatory fra

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