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Summary of the data Mathematics & Economics Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Subjects heart rates under different exercise regimes. Different locations used for testing. Determine what exercise routine leads to the greatest heart rate.


Summary of the data
Data in this experiment was divided based on location, subject, and type of exercise conducted. For instance, the data was split into two locations which are the 1st and 2nd locations which were further applied in coming up with various subjects. The subjects included the number of trials done, and they varied depending on the exercise that was done. The subjects' data were applied in coming up with the various activities that were conducted. For example, in the experiment that was conducted, five successful exercises were performed. Finally, there was the heart rate data that was used generally for all the trials that were done. The data changed as per the trial is done. Therefore, the whole data set varies depending on both locations, subject, and nature of the exercise that was done.
The analysis was done through ANOVA, and various values were calculated based on p-values for each of the exercises done. Based on the d

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