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Critical Threats to the Global Environment (Essay Sample)


Step 1
Select two threats. Listed below are eight issues that the UN feels pose the most significant threats to global security. Some of these apply to the Earth’s 7.7 billion people, while others are limited primarily to developing countries. Regardless of where these threats are concentrated, your job as a consultant is to identify two of them that you consider the most critical to the globe’s population.
Issue Options
The use of fossil fuels as an energy source.
Insufficient educational opportunities in developing countries.
A lack of access to technology.
Civil war (NOT the U.S. Civil War).
The rise in oceans’ levels.
Covid-19 and the global pandemic.
The dangers of poor countries remaining poor.
Step 2
Write an 8-page persuasive paper about your two threats.
Write an introduction paragraph of at least one-half page in length identifying the two threats you have selected and the purpose of the paper. Then, for the two threats you chose:
Identify the factors that make it such a serious risk to the global environment that you would choose to present it to the UN.
Analyze the role that humans have played in aggravating this threat to the Earth’s environment.
Suggest initiatives that the global community can take to mitigate the worst effects of this environmental threat.
Write a conclusion paragraph of at least one-half page in length that summarizes your impressions of these risks for global stability.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS).


Critical Threats to the Global Environment
SOC 450: Solutions to Global Issues
Critical Threats to the Global Environment
The term "global environment" refers to the many environmental elements present all over the globe and whose impacts may be seen in more than one region or nation. Factors affecting the air, soil, water, and sound components of the global environment are classified as environmental threats (1). Globalization and the Covid-19 virus, the worldwide pandemic, are the two most significant dangers to the state of the world's environment as it exists now. The term "globalization" refers to the process through which people, companies, and commercial practices engage with one another beyond international borders. Coronavirus causes Covid-19, an infectious respiratory illness that may cause difficulties in breathing in humans (2). This paper will show the elements that make these two threats a severe danger to the worldwide environment, the role humans have played in making the problems worse, and remedies that the global community may apply to remedy the situation.
Factors Making Covid-19 and the global pandemic Serious Risk to The Global Environment
Although the Covid-19 epidemic has led to a reduction in the amount of transportation taking place, which has had the positive effect of improving the environment, the pandemic has also caused more significant and long repercussions that constitute a significant threat to the environment on a global scale. Since the globe is gradually returning to its usual activities, there has been a reduction in the negative impact that transportation has had on the environment (2). The pandemic led to an increase in water consumption as well as organic and inorganic contaminants, which causes a

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