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Demographic Transition Theory (Essay Sample)


The task of the paper was to write a thesis statement and write a detailed essay on the thesis statement. The thesis statement is, The Demographic Transition Theory assumes that post-transitional fertility levels will stabilize at replacement level. Is this a reasonable assumption? Why or why not?
The sample paper tackles the issues raised and provides supporting evidence that post-transitional fertility levels will stabilize at the replacement level.

The Demographic Transition Theory
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A demographic transition theory assumes fertility levels will stabilize at replacement level. This assumption is valid and reasonable in the twenty-first century. Demography is the composition of the human population taking into account their characteristics such age, sex distribution and their economic activities (Weeks 1). It is needful to study the consequences of the transition theory to understand its effect on the future of the world population. There are low fertility rates in many countries and the reasons for these declines are likely to shoot even further. Current modernization is the force behind this decline. The economic crisis in many countries and the cost of bearing children carries an impact on infertility. Many families avoid a larger family because of the fear to provide adequately for them. The moment a child is born, its economic implications are not felt immediately but after some time. The needs of the child keep growing; feeding them, clothing them, taking them to school and even the task of the government to create job opportunities. Also, the change of work systems and the family responsibilities on women have a direct impact on the fertility rates (Philip 12). The current wife has a stable job that gives her few work-off days. This limits their participation in the family issues hence their preference to sire few children. Many families have the desire to have at least two children, but many cases of woman have desire to have children. The first and second order births see...
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