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Healthy Snacks for Long Flights (Essay Sample)


I was required to write abour the tips one should adhere to inorder to remain healthy on long flights.

How to stay healthy on a long flight
The distance between major cities in the world ifs quit big. The most commonly used mode of transport is by plane. Travelers have to travel long hours to reach their destination. Such journeys results to stiff bodies and some may get their bodies swollen. In general long journeys by means of planes can leave someone unhealthy. Food and drinks are always served o the planes. You may be served your preferred type of food or drink. Being healthy on the entire journey doesn’t happen only by taking balance d diet. There are several ways of being healthy in long flights.
Inside an airplane, the air always has less humidity when compared with the normal environment. This state can make you undergo dehydration which has its own side effects. Feeling dizzy and weak might occur as a result of dehydration. For you to stay healthy on a long flight you have to hydrate yourself. You can do this by taking a lot of water or coconut water a day before you embark on the long journey. Avoid taking drinks such as alcohol, tea, coffee and juices. They will increase dehydration in your body worsening the situation. Taking water will help you hydrate your skin o the inside. On your hand pack make sure you have a moisturizer which you will apply on your skin after some hours to make you fresh.
When you sit for long hours you have to get tired. It is advised that you should make several walks in the plane. If you do not move your body will become stiff and some other parts will swell. You may walk through the plane each hour. It will be good if you also perform some stretches. This ca also be done when seated. All these activities will reduce the possibility of blood clotting which might be dangerous. This is the most important aspect when it comes to staying healthy in long flights.
The posture you take while on the plane should make you comfortable. Your legs should be free and the space around you should allow you stretch your legs. For you to stay healthy on a long...
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