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Features of a good fiction character (Essay Sample)

What are the characteristics of a good fiction writer source..
Student’s Name Professor’s Name Literature 24-10-2018 "WHAT MAKES A GOOD FICTION CHARACTER?" The features that make a good fiction character may be a rare package that is not possessed by ordinary characters. For a good character to be achieved, readers should find themselves somehow connected to the character in question. This bond is what gives readers the passion to follow up keenly on the fiction story. Below are detailed findings on the key features that make up a good fiction character. Enrichment; this involves creating real world problems for the character and real decisions to make with realistic solutions to arrive at. The challenges a good fiction character faces throughout the story no matter how big or small, should always highlight the character’s traits and enrich them in some way. How does your character manage situations? Does he fall apart at the seams, or does he rally like a trooper? If they are constantly managing well, what happens when they no longer do? What triggers make them react? How do the handle pressure, stress and struggle? The way good characters handle themselves in tricky situations gives a reader valuable insight that enhances personality, humanity and recognition. Motivation; Just like real people, also a fiction character want stuff and they indeed need these stuff. They are primarily motivated by these desires and strive to fulfil them throughout the story. Don’t create a paradise for your characters but allow them go through hell by taking chances and exploring your character’s struggles through the situation always resulting to a positive outcome. This enthusiasm that drives a character to achieve their goals enable them grow and develop and may also change as a person. This is to say the most interesting characters who have the capability to change because the audience enjoys taking a long journey with such characters to witness what they become at the long run. Being motivated throughout the story, the audience should be able to live with the character meaning, they have to be someone we can and want to spend time with in the narrative sense which clearly brings out the essence of motivation. Mysteries; Questions drive narratives in that the elements that draw the audience towards a story are the same things that urge a character forward too. Let the character go with unanswered questions. Out of the comfort zone, the character sets out to solve the mysteries in a clear way that puts them above ordinary characters. Entangled in this cocoon of mysteries, the character seeks to find answers that could later emerge as secrets to be later revealed or never see the light of day. Mysteries always seem to have the element of surprise which is to say the character shoul...
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