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Guidelines for E-portfolio Reflections (Essay Sample)


Guidelines for E-portfolio Reflections

Guidelines for E-portfolio Reflections
* Each student must submit an INDIVIDUAL reflection on the analytical recording assignment completed for this course.
* Your reflection for the e-portfolio counts for 5% of your final grade.
* Each reflection should be AT LEAST 2 double-spaced pages in length, in Times New Roman font size 12. There is no maximum number of pages for this assignment.
* Keep in mind when writing your reflection that the BTC Teacher Competency that this course helps you acquire is the first competency-- Content Knowledge. This means that the aim of this course is to help you improve your knowledge and grasp of your subject matter, which is the English language.
* Each reflection should address the following points:
í A brief introduction explaining the apnalytical recording assignment and its purpose as you understand it and in your own words.
í An explanation of how you approached this assignment to complete it in its two stages: the initial analytical recording and the final analytical recording. For example, did you complete the two recordings under the same conditions; with or without practice; did you double-check your pronunciation; did you record several times or once only? Etc.
I didn't practice for it or double check I just read it and record.
í A concise explanation of the pronunciation practice pointers (suggestions, advice) your instructor gave you in order to improve your pronunciation in English.
My Dr. said that I need to practice for the letter "R" and my reading was good, and now I improved my self
í A detailed description of what you did over the course of the semester in order to improve your pronunciation based on (1) the advice given to you by the instructor during the conference you had after your initial recording and (2) what you learned during the course.
This course I learned a lot I'll attach the topics later.
í An explanation of how the course content has helped you improve your pronunciation. Make sure that your explanation includes specific examples from the content of the course that you found particularly useful in helping you better your pronunciation in English.
As a second language I learned how to pronounce well and stress the word etc…
í An explanation of how this content course- which focused primarily on improving your English language competence- can help you become a better English language teacher in the future. In other words, what have you learned in this course that you could possibly transfer to your English language classes in the future and how?
* Important Note!
Your individual reflection is mostly based on opinion and personal experience, so there are no wrong answers to the questions above. However, you must support your opinion with logical evidence and clear examples.
Your reflection must include clear references to the content of the course including the technical terminology that you learned in class.
In addition, your reflection must be honest, thoughtful, thorough, and well-written. You will lose major points if your reflection does not exhibit these attributes.
* See the grading rubric below for additional guidelines and grading criteria for this assignment.
Rubric for E-portfolio Reflections




Required Components

Reflection includes all components and meets all requirements indicated in the guidelines & instructions


Each question or part of the assignment is addressed thoroughly



Evidence of Analysis/Critical Thinking

Reflection moves beyond simple description to a thoughtful analysis of how the analytical recording assignment contributed to student understanding of self, young learners, and course concepts


Reflection demonstrat...
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