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Biographies of John Wycliffe and John Huss


The instructions required one to write brief biographies of both John Wycliffe and John Huss.


Biographies of John Wycliffe and John Huss
Calvin and Luther are examples of well-known reformers who were not the first to ascend against the Roman Catholic Church. Amongst the culture at large, there was a developing unease with the papacy's manhandling of power. John Wycliffe and John Huss were one of the first to publically vocalize this aversion and confront the Church. Popularly known as ‘pre-reformers’, their inspirational lives and bold faith in the face of death would prove to outlive them through their writings and be largely responsible for ushering in the age of the Protestant Reformation.
John Wycliffe
On 1329, John Wycliffe was conceived in Yorkshire, England and passed away in Lutterworth, Leicestershire December 31, 1384. He was a man of numerous gifts and accomplishments. He was a religious and social reformer, a scholar, and a logician. He is notable for his straightforward ministerial convictions and exercises against the Church of Rome. Additionally, he is the first to have made an interpretation of the Bible into the vernacular English, an interpretation known as Wycliffe's Bible.
Since he was conceived in a rich family, Wycliffe went to Oxford University in 1346. He was an understudy with many interests. He exceeded expectations in the natural sciences and arithmetic. Additionally, he was very keen in the domain of religious philosophy, ministerial law, and philosophy. Oxford had a solid and enthusiastic political culture which was similar to most colleges. The two most mainstream "nations", or political gatherings, that existed were the Borealis and the Australes. Wycliffe was part of the Borealis, the nation “in which the prevailing tendency was to seek a reduction in Papal power.” His unease with papal power most likely grew during these years and put him on the path to become the influential reformer that he would go on to be. He knew that the best way for him to have influence in society was by getting involved in politics. So he did just that after receiving his doctorate in theology in 1371.By the end of his education, theology and philosophy were his specialties and he was the best at Oxford and Europe altogether.[J.Losereth. “John Wycliffe: English Reformer; Bible Translator.”/biowycliffe.htm#15 (accessed April 30, 2017).] [Caleb Cangelosi. “The Mouth of the Morningstar: John Wycliffe’s Preaching and the Protestant Reformation.” Puritan Reformed Journal 06, no. 2 (July 2014): 187-215. (Accessed April 30, 2017).] [Donald L. Robert. “John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation.” /history/issues/issue-3/john-wycliffe-and-dawn-of-reformation.html (accessed April 30, 2017).]
Political Activities and Attack on the Church
He left for Lutterworth where he began attacking the church in the public platfor...
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