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Content Analysis of Music Video Media from 2010 And 2015 (Lab Report Sample)

it is the research report of Content Analysis of Music Video Media from 2010 And 2015 source..
Running Head: MUSIC MEDIA Content Analysis of Music Video Media from 2010 And 2015 [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Content Analysis of Music Video Media from 2010 And 2015 Abstract This research report of music media analyzed and observed the lyrics and the music video pertaining to the sexual behavior in the music video media from 2010 and 2015.The criterion was decided to recognize particular music videos as the most popular videos and almost thirty music videos were preferred for the purpose of content analysis, concerned to the relevant issues to HIV and aids. Particularly, this music media report was guided by the concept such as: Do the popular music videos from 2010 and 2015 contain such lyrics regarding the sexual behavior? Do the images in popular music videos refer to the topic of unprotected sex, HIV/aids, casual sex and concept of multi-partner sex? Do the music media contain such images that is emphasizing on the sexual indicative of men and women? Do the popular music media contain images symbolic of sex? Do the music videos of particular category from 2010 to 2015 contain any sexual based content? The given review and introduction will provide history and the present analysis of the music videos and its effect on the teenage and adult. Here conceptual based framework was constructed to support the content analysis and the results. Introduction According to the report of "American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ( AACAP)”,”Singing and music have always played an important role in learning and communication of culture”. Meanwhile American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated "Dramatic changes that lyrics in music have undergone in the last 40 years , describing rock music lyrics as the explicit and containing references to sex ,drugs and violence. Quantitative study carried out in 2003 by Wingood ,the study provided the risk to teenagers behavior to watch rap videos (Hudson, Roth, Madden and Hudson, 2015, p.n.d). Results of the study revealed that "Those heavily exposed to rap music were twice as likely to have multiple sex partners, 1.5 times more likely to acquire an STD ( Webster, 2003, p.n.d). Such outcome of research putting the youth behavior in danger. As audiences may be extremely affected by the lyrics and images they visualize and hear in music videos (Cook, 2010,p.n.d) A longitudinal study of Swedish on media and teenagers suggests that the youngers having interest in rap and rock music since childhood are more probably to be followed by peers and less followed by the parents. " Women Media Watch of Jamaica (WMWJ) defends that the most important supporters of music video media are of the ages in between 12 to 35 and that is because music media use frequently sex phrases to attract the teenagers attention .Furthermore WMWJ adds that many of the songs " make crude and explicit references to men sexual exploits and female sexuality" (Zito, Klein, Alcornand Fletcher, 2009, p.n.d). As the music videos gives an opportunity for producer and artistic to maximize the reach on the larger audience, without spending any expenses of concert. The cable and internet supported offer and introduced large market size for the local producer and artistic. No any additional cost ,only the cost of broadcasting of the music video content present. Even the music video also facilities the content for the emerging cable of local channels and running free-to air stations. Methodology In the research methodology section , the design consist of mainly three distinct steps. First, chosen the video sample population and setting the preferences for selecting the videos. Secondly, focusing the music video aspects to code and the method of coding the coding sheets were designed by keenly observing the lyrics and images of small videos. Thirdly, maintaining the coding sheet for developing the coding system. Coding sheet were developed not only due to the purpose of tracking the proportion of sexual related themes in the visuals and lyrics .But here we are going to specifically look to all those sexual related content that indirectly emphasizing to HIV/Aids. This is because , coding sheets observed the proportion of lyrics pertaining to the sexual activities such as non-use or use of contraceptive pills or protection ,casual sex and multiple partners. In the first view, the overall number of scenes develop into the baseline approach for comparing the total number of shots for same category. More clearly, rather than choosing the simple five recording that is promoting the concept of multiple partner ,the recording of five shots that is promoting the multiple partner out of total 200 sampled videos. The second view is concentrated about the coding of lyrics. Here in the lyrics, the incidence of suggesting non-use or use of contraceptive pills or protection ,casual sex and multiple partners was noted. The third view was concentrated to count the complete incidence of sexual practices based visual images, along with all visuals that emphasizing on the concept of casual sex and other practices. The fourth view based on the different attire mode and the representation of female and male .Indicator would use for extracting information from sample ,as it’s difficult to notice and look at the complete attire. Coding sheet also categorized the wearing clothes of men and women that indicating midriff, uncovered cleavage and disclosed body shape ( swimwear , tops , tights, short shirts and skimpy shirts). For the men, categories were fully clothed men and less clothed dress. However, in a shot the incidence of three fully clothed men was noted as single incident of fully clothed men. In our methodology, clothing was given the individual importance as because sometimes clothing is used to communicate the message regarding sexual desirability and easy accessibility (Hennig-Thurau, 2010, pp.311-330) The last view coded the dance movements. It is necessary to mention not all the dance movement were noticed .Therefore only those dance movement was counted that shows the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. And female/male contact in the seductive way were coded. As we know the music video is the combination of lyrics ,visual effects and music takes great observation by separating the required coding into particular areas(Bennett, 2009, p.n.d). Let’s take an example , is there any possibility that the video is not about sex containing sexual images? Do the dance movement related to sex ,have such visuals and moves to match ? Results After analyzing the thirty videos, the following classification were made in which twenty were identified as the dancehall, one as the gospel, five recognize as the social commentaries and the other four as the lover rock. All the videos was pertaining to the theme of sex. As far as the content analysis of music video media present ,there are 523 evidences of sexually based lyrics present in the music videos ,it can estimated as the average 17.45 per video. Almost twenty-two of the videos have the sexual phrases. The lyrics based sexual content contained the reference to the intercourse, sex partners and casual sex. "Fourteen videos involved to casual sex, six to oral sex,13 to intercourse and one to foreplay. Twelve videos contained visuals suggesting casual sex (41 percent), one regarding to the foreplay(3 percent),one to oral sex, seven to multiple partner(23 percent),nice to intercourse (30 percent)" (Harris, 2014, p.n.d). Discussion The outcome of the research point out a number of issues regarding music video content from 2010 to 2015.This study suggested that music videos contain the lyrics that are emphasizing to the sexual behavior. Therefore 22 out of 30 videos analyzed .It is necessary to mention that these particular videos coded supported the numerous theme especially love, relationship and sex. The video images, 50 percent of the total indicate the sexual behavior. Another issue was related to the sexual characteristics of the men and women. By observing the sample videos, it showed women scenario appeared to be more sensational and sexualized in clothing.26 videos out of 30 featured on the scantily clad, at the same time only 13 videos contained shots regarding exposing the men shoulders and chest area. Based on the chosen sample videos, the most dominant theme of the content lyrics contain sexual words. Although, these sample suggests that the burning issue of sex is not only limited to these videos that people are preferred to see local music media for that. It supports the notion that the sex issue is frequently discussed in either direct or indirect lyrics (Rowe, 2013, pp. 227-247). Local music videos contain sexual titles of song as well as visual effects of suggesting the sex particularly or generally in the form of women dressing and specific dance movement. All these messages concerned to the sexual activities presented in the lyrics and images suggest and point out multi-partner sex and casual sex. This indicating only art imitating environment of screen ,the presentation on the music video differ from the reality providing a bulk of information regarding sexuality. This report has pointed the fact that the youngsters is extremely influenced by such music videos. Let’s take an example : youngsters observing the risky behavior in the music videos from 2010 to 2015.Videos assist the young people to shape their concept of sex according to the music videos. Although, this report has the limitation in sense of video samples population used, but still it providing the clear pictorial representation of observing the music content more closely (Rhoads and Conwell , 2009, p.n.d) It is necessary to mention that particularly dancehall genre and Jamaica local music videos is mostly focusin...
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