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Lab Report Assignment: Description Of Organic Pollutants (Lab Report Sample)


description of organic pollutants


lefttop00 It is an organic compound whose IUPAC name is ethane-1,2-diol but commonly referred as Ethylene glycol. It has a formula (CH2OH)2. Its chief uses include the manufacture of antifreeze formulations and polyester fibers. It is a colorless, odorless and sweet-tasting syrup. It is moderately toxic and volatile compound whose biodegradation can be either aerobically or anaerobically in water. On the other hand, high volume discharges of syrup result in rapid depletion of dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water bodies. A significant decrease in DO may result in levels too low to support the aquatic life thus making ethylene glycol compound an environmentally pollutant.
left13335000It is a heterocyclic, aromatic organic compound commonly known as carbazole. It has a tricyclic structure, based on the indole structure consisting of two six-membered benzene has negative effects to the environment which is observed by the fluorescence behaviour of the derivatization reagents.
07620000It is known as phenanthrene: a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon composed of three fused benzene rings. It is a composite of phenyl and anthracene. Also, it's semi-volatile, persistent and toxic. It appears a white powder and mainly found in industrial smoke CITATION Any \l 2057 (Semple & Anyanwu, 2016). It has a major effect on the growth of the olive flounder in water bodies. The most recent studies also show reduced growth in juvenile English sole exposed to PAHs through contaminated sediment or diet. Also, several fish species increased juvenile mortality have been related to the slow growth ratesCITATION Kub89 \l 2057 (Kubin, 1989) hence with these outcomes, it becomes an environmental hazard.
lefttop00It is known as 2,2',5,6-tetrachlorobiphenyl.It is also an aromatic organic compound that is classified under H413 on the CLP- classification and labelling. They have adverse and long lasting effects in aquatic environment. Also, it causes liver injuries and cancer when exposed to rodents. This can lead to the imbalance to the ecological system when one level is totally eradiated from the system.

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