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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Life Sciences. Lab Report Assignment (Lab Report Sample)


WHAT ARE THE common reagents in an organic chemistry?


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Ethers are common reagents in an organic chemistry laboratory. They are used in the synthesis of numerous pharmaceutical as well as another chemical compound in daily useCITATION Bro17 \y \l 1033 (Brown, Iverson, Anslyn, & Foote)1. Others may also be used chemically as anaesthetic compounds. Chemically, ethers as a chemical compounds is made up of two alkyl groups conjoined by an oxygen.
i.e., R-O-R
Where R is an alkyl group.
Being an important reagent in organic chemistry, chemists have developed different methods of synthesizing ethersCITATION Bro17 \y \l 1033 (Brown, Iverson, Anslyn, & Foote)1This include the condensation of alcohols by use of an acid catalyst, ring opening reaction of epoxides which is a multistep reaction involving the use of Grignard reagent and finally, the Williamson Ether synthesis reaction
William Ether synthesis reaction is a nucleophilic reaction that involves Sn2 mechanism. Here, an alkoxide replaces a halogen ion with an alkyl halide as shown below. Salt is thus formed as a product of the reaction.

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