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Function of Graphs in Laboratories Assignment Paper (Lab Report Sample)


Function of graphs in laboratories

The intention of this topic is to learn more about graphs in laboratories. When conducting experiments, one can present data in various ways. One of these is through graphs. Normally, tests compare at least two components. For example, how a process changes over time. If that process involves distance, a grid of distance against time can be plotted. The distance can be calculated using any proper measurement such as centimeters. If the distance cannot be represented on a graph paper, the data is drawn to scale. This topic, therefore, looks at different types and parts of a graph.
General Overview of Procedure
In this lab, we learn about drawing of graphs. All graphs have y- and x- axes. From the experiments’ results, the data is presented in the form of a diagram. The axes signify variables that are supposed to be represented, for example, time against distance. Similarly, points are mapped depending on the results obtained from the experiment. For example, if it takes 10 seconds for an object to move 20 centimeters, we map ten on the x-axis to 20 on the Y-axis, and the point of intersection between the two is where we put the coordinate.
After all the coordinates are plotted, the graph is then plotted. It can either be a line or a curve. The decision is determined by the alignment of the marks.
For activity 2, the graph is a smooth curve. It cannot be drawn into a straight since most of the points are not in-line. For a graph to be drawn into a straight line, most of the coordinate points should be lined up.
For activit...
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