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Advancement Of Computing Devices: Principle Of Web 2 (Lab Report Sample)


 critically analyze the Principle of Web 2

Principle of Web 2
Internet of things refers to the advancement of computing devices which bring about connectivity and allowing surfing of the net quickly. The primary aim of launching web squared was to refurbish confidence in the industries that existed before the error of dot com. Application of the same was due to change generations, and they had to adopt. However, failure to understand applied programs led to the running down of the organisation.
Networking not only enabled easy access to the net but also a great number of individuals use their software. It simplified the mode of receiving news where people could retrieve them from various sources such as YouTube and Facebook.
Web 2.0 was mostly concerned with connecting joint intelligence. Web 2.0 was a suggestion of a new version of the World Wide Web. This was mainly designed by or was the idea of Tim O'Reilly and Dale Dougherty, which first became popular in a conference. This was however achieved through managing and understanding of data during actual time. The web has become popular among many people and gave a chance of exploration of implication. This resorted to the emergence of competitive advantage.
Collective intelligence can be split into a variety of appliances. Development of the smartphone has stirred the web to pocket as opposed to bureaux. The application of collective intelligence is not only driven by application of typing keyboard but also use of a sensor. It has also enabled phones to use sensors to locate the current location of an individual. It can also be used as a measuring tool of acceleration of a particular body. Research indicates a significant improvement in the participation. Tracking of serious occasions is achieved through the massive application of sensory in most of the capturing devices.
Application of crowdsourcing has been adopted and has enabled collective work. Its value is much better than individual participation on a particular event. It has allowed the creation of an online market. Exchange of goods and services are facilitated through online accessing such as Amazon and eBay. It has also enabled interaction of different races through Twitter among other social services. Useful information is extracted from the web which allows construction of applications that can perform a particular role. Mobile application has been able to recognize speech when drawn near the ear and respond appropriately to the instructions
It is an assertion that data are owned by Google. IPho...
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