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Specifying Types of Inhibition by Plotting Michaelis-Menten Plot (Math Problem Sample)


Biochemistry engineering questions.
This paper was based on a given question. The writer was just required to give the correct and precise answers to the asked questions. THE QUESTIONS INVOLVED THE USE OF FORMULAE AS WELL AS SUBJECT-BASED KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE ON THE SAME SUBJECT. 


Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
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Interest toward using Eversa® Transform 2.0 enzyme is increasing nowadays for esters production. It catalyze the conversion of waste cooking oils to biodiesel. Given MichaelisMenten plot determine, solve for the following:
1 Specify the type of inhibition for each inhibitor
To specify the type of inhibition for each inhibitor, we need to plot the Michaelis-Menten plot for each inhibitor concentration and compare it with the non-inhibited case.
Assuming we have experimental data for the reaction rate (v) at different substrate (S) and inhibitor (I) concentrations, we can plot the Michaelis-Menten plot using the following equation:
v = (Vmax * S) / (Km + S + (Km' * I) / Ki)
where Vmax is the maximum reaction rate, Km is the Michaelis-Menten constant

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