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Physics, Natural Science, and The Possibility of Life on Mars (Math Problem Sample)


Velocity of a partical and a mission to a terrestrial world that has happened since 2000. in my case i wrote about mars. where There are more than 250 robots and more than 20 people that have gone beyond the earth’s atmosphere for exploration since 1958. These visits was done by U.S with a mission of studying asteroids, planets, moon and comets.


Physics and Natural Science Assignment
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1) The particle moves along the positive X-axis, hence its velocity varies as V=α √x , where α is a positive constant. Assuming that at the moment t=0 the particle was located at the point х=0, please find:
a) how does velocity and acceleration of the particle depend on time / (time dependence of velocity and acceleration of the particle);
However, Acceleration is the change of velocity with respect to time thus

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