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Main Disadvantages of Q-methodology: Validity and Reliability (Math Problem Sample)


tThe sample involved spss concepts whereby, it outlines that Q-methodology participants are described as the P-set. In a study using Q-methodology, the researcher reveals the selected perspectives from the group of participants, and the findings do not depend on the number of participants but on the general idea of the issue under investigation. However, the studies of (Paige and Morin, 2016), indicates, there is no study without sampling, whether it is quantitative or qualitative. The available sample can generate the data that will play a crucial role towards the achievement of the research aim. For the current Q-methodology research, the snowball method was considered as the most appropriate. The snowball method involves the use of a small number of individuals who have the characteristics of interest. Following the research findings of (Johnson and Bhattacharyya, 2018), Snowball technique is suitable for a study adopting Q-methodology. The Q-participants should be between 40 and 60, as this is considered the ideal range for a Q-methodology study. Moreover, in a Q-methodology study, the number of participants must be fewer than the number of statements to ensure that it is a valuable study with data that is easy to analyze.


Q-Methodology Factor Analysis
Q-methodology is the most common method of data analysis used in analyzing participant’s perspectives concerning concepts, statements, feelings and underlying beliefs. (Lien, Ruyle, López, 2018). Under Q-methodology, the key aim is to systematically focus on assessing the participants’ view. The main foundation of Q-methodology is the concept of subjectivity which is highly influenced by the personal views of participants. Thus, the techniques used for analysis reflect the opinion of respondents other than the researcher’s view. As a result, the researcher is able to operate in the respondent’s world. In the current study, a comprehensive Q-sort technique will be applied to access the differences in opinion of two participants concerning important characteristics for successful athlete.

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