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Area Under a Normal Distribution Curve Research Assignment (Math Problem Sample)


Take a position on whether or not the total area under a normal distribution is infinite. Provide an example to support your response.


Area under a Normal Distribution Curve
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Area under a Normal Curve
The area under a normal distribution curve is one. Definition of normal distribution, normal distributed data occurs when the frequencies fall off at a rate that is proportional to the space of the score from the mean, and to the frequencies CITATION Sub14 \l 1033 (Subotic, 2014). A normal distribution also means a family of probability distributions that are continuous which can be described the normal equation. The bell shaped curve helps in finding the percentage of data that is found in a certain interval. In a typical calculus problem, this is the area under the curve over the interval. This is seen in a probability distribution. The normal equation of a variable N:
N= {1/ [ σ * √ (2π)]}*e-y-μ)2/2&Ium...
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