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Mathematics & Economics
Math Problem
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USING MATLAB TO ANALYZE THE DATA TABLES. Mathematics & Economics (Math Problem Sample)


5 questions to complete, each one as to be answered using MATLAB by analyzing the data tables.


Assessment 2a:Questions and Template
Version 1.0EGH404: Research in Engineering Practice DATE \@ "d MMMM yyyy" \* MERGEFORMAT 25 January 2021
About this document
* This document sets out the five (5) questions you are to complete for assessment 2a.
* It also provides the template for your responses.
Your tasks for Assessment 2a
1 Read the questions in this document
2 Edit your responses into this document
1 Replace the text in blue italics with your responses
2 The associated data and/or original graphs are provided separately in an Excel spreadsheet where necessary.
3 All necessary calculations and charting should be completed in Matlab.
3 You will submit your responses to this assessment as a PDF or word document which you will upload to turnitin. Your document should include:
4 This template with responses for each question included in the corresponding section.
5 Your original source code (ie. Matlab scripts) which you generated to complete relevant questions, included either after each question or at the end of the document as an appendix (copy and paste the code into the document, or if using live scripts merge the document PDF with the exported live script PDF). Please note your Matlab code will not be run except under exceptional circumstances but may be used to evaluate the process that you used to answer the question.
Question 1: Recommending a bolt supplier
Your firm works in construction and buys ASTM A325M8S bolts in very large numbers.
You are interested in purchasing bolts from different suppliers and have obtained and tested samples of 200 bolts from three suppliers: Allnutt, Boltzman, Coachers.
You have tested these in your new bolt testing machine, purchased after you had discovered your old bolt testing machine was performing erratically. (For the purposes of this question, you are safe to assume that the new machine works perfectly and that its results are in MPa.)
Your firm wants to ensure that the tensile strengths of the bolts it buys are
* as high as possible
* as consistent as possible (i.e., the variability of bolt strengths is as low as possible)
It is critical that the tensile strength of these bolts exceeds 830MPa.
You should draw on the unit content concerning summary statistics to answer this question.
On the basis of the measurements recorded in Bolts.csv, which supplier (if any) would you recommend, and why?(Provide any code or visualisations you use to justify your response.)
Edit your response to this question here
From the graph the average tensile strengths of the three different makes are well above the minimum 830Mpa.
It also shows that the average of Coachers bolts are higher than the other two therefore I would go with Coachers supplier.
Matlab code:
>> data=readtable('Bolts.csv');
>> allnuttdata=data(strcmp(data.Manufacturer,'Allnutt'),:);
>> boltzmanndata=data(strcmp(data.Manufacturer,'Boltzmann'),:);
>> coachersndata=data(strcmp(data.Manufacturer,'Coachers'),:);
>> x=allnuttdata.ID;

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