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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
Math Problem
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Quantitative Reasoning. Accounting, Finance, SPSS Math Problem (Math Problem Sample)


it is quantitative reasoning through a two-tailed test to determine the PassMark in a class of students. standard deviation and interquartile ranges have also been used.


Quantitative Reasoning II solution
Question 1.
2.5 % lie below 60 kg since 25/1000 = 2.5%; for the same reason 2.5 % lie above 88 %. In other words, the middle 95% weigh between 60 kg and 88 kg. Since the distribution is Normal, 95% of the data lies within two standard deviations of the mean. Now, the symmetry implies that the mean is in the center of the interval between 60 and 88; Mean = (60+88)/2 = 74.
Furthermore, 60 and 88 are separated by 4 standard deviations. It follows that the SD = (88-60)/4 = 7.
Question 2.

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