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Algebra Task: Simplifying Rational Expression (Math Problem Sample)


Algebra Task with Solutions


Algebra Task 1 – Solutions
1 Let P(x) = µx . e-µx! and let µ=10. Find P(9)
P(x) = µx . e-µx! Given.
P(x) = 10x . e-10x!Substitute the value of µ=10 from the given.
Finding P(9):
P(x) = 10x . e-10x!From P(x) using the value of µ=10.
P(9) = 109 . e-109!Substitute P(x) to P(9).
P(9) = 1099! . e10Rewrite the expression with positive integer exponent.
P(9) = 1, 000, 000, 000362, 880 . e10Simplify.
P(9) = 1,562,500567 e10 Final answer
2 Perform all indicated operations and write the answer with positive integer exponents.
b-1 + c-1(bc)-1Given.
= 1b + 1 c1bcRewrite the expression with positive integer exponent.
= 1c+(1)(b)bc1bcSolve the complex rational expression by finding the LCD of the numerator.
= c+bbc1bc Simplify the numerator of the complex rational expression.
= c+bbc ÷ 1bc Apply the rule of di

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