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Simple and Compound Interest (Math Problem Sample)


This sample is about Simple and Compound Interest. It includes a series of math problems on Simple and Compound Interest. The sample has a series of questions on applying these concepts in real-life situations, such as calculating interest earned over a given period or determining the total amount of money accrued through compound interest.


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Simple and Compound Interest
Simple Interest Formula:Compound Interest Formula:(Interest is only earned on principal) (interest is earned on principal and any accumulated interest)
I = PRTA=P 1+rnnt
I = amount of interest earned A = amount in the account, including interest and principal
P = principal or amount of loanP = principal or amount of loan or investment
R = annual interest rate, decimal formr = annual interest rate, decimal form
T = time, in yearsn = number of compounds per year
t = time, in years
Use the given formulas to answer the following questions.

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