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Film Study: 12 Angry Men (Movie Review Sample)


12 angry men film review that focuses on how a jury conducts itself regarding a case at hand. The film has eight jurors, but the focus is on two jurors, juror#3 and juror#8, who have contrasting character traits. The film review examines how these two jurors affect the dynamics of the group and the jury's final decision.


12 Angry Men (Film Study)
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12 Angry Men is a film originally made in 1957 and remade in 1997. This essay looks at the remakes because it is better than the first. Twelve jurors are tasked with deciding whether an accused person is guilty or innocent. The process of decision-making in a group is not easy because of the differing points of view. In this case, the loudest person was Juror #3, and the reasonable person was Juror #8. These are the people who led the decision-making process because of their traits. Juror #3 wanted to impose his ideas on the rest of the Jurors, and Juror #8 helped the Jurors use the facts provided to make the right decision. Therefore, they both control and lead the group in two different ways, Juror #3 imposed authoritative leadership, and Juror #8 imposed participative leadership.
12 Angry Men (Film Study)
12 Angry Men in 1997 is a remake of a classic, and the second time, the film was made even better. There are 12 main characters, including the Jurors, whereby the Foreman is the leader, which is evident from how he likes being in charge. The characters have different character traits that are skillfully combined to bring out the exciting drama of this film. Although each Juror contributes differently, the focus will be on George C Scott (Juror #3) and Jack Lemmon (Juror #8). Juror #3 is strict, strong, does not joke around, and forces his opinion on other jurors. In other words, this juror is full of himself. Juror #8 is quiet most of the time, considers other jurors' opinions, offers a

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