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Oil, Smoke and Mirrors (Movie Review Sample)


this a movie review on the movie Oil, Smoke and Mirrors


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Topic 1
The movie Oil, Smoke and Mirrors is a documentary that seeks to shed some light on the proceedings that took place on 9/11 and relate them to the problems with energy, in particular, oil. First, what is the definition of peak oil and oil security? Peak oil is a situation where after the oil manufacture reaches its uppermost point, the supply of the product will start reducing in a steady manner and at the end of it, it will completely diminish. Oil security refers to the measures taken so that the already available oil is not wasted so the reserves do not diminish easily. The film Oil, Smoke and Mirrors gives opinions about the conspiracies brought about by the theory of peak oil. The video suggests that the tragedy of 9/11 was preplanned so that the US government can take charge of the remaining reserves of oil in the world. The twin towers that collapsed during the event were structured with forty-seven principal columns placed at the middle of each of the buildings to sustain several impacts from jetliners.
These columns were made out of high temperature steel. From the report given by NIST, it is clear that most of the fuel from the jet burned upon impact and the remaining fuel could not support a fire that could last for two hours that would have caused the structure of the building to weaken. The interviewees in the building suggest that the claim that it was the impact from the aircraft that caused the collapse of the building is false. The other building named building number seven, which was destroyed, did not even receive the impact of the plane yet it collapsed, which brings more questions than answers. More mystery is found when one discovers that the other small buildings with less intricate structures were not even scratched. The claim that the steel that reinforced the WTC building was found melted with the officers claiming that the jet fuel, which burns at 17000, was responsible for the melting of steel, which melts at a massive 28000. These developments made the developers of the film to realize that the story told is not as it is in fact. The film claims that it was an inside job so that the government could have a claim on war against the terrorists that were responsible for the attack. The US government hen started what is popularly known as ‘war on terror’ and eventually take charge of the oil reserves in Asia and the middle east, particularly Iraq therefore averting the oil crisis in the US since it is they are oil consumer who are the largest in the world.
Topic 2
International law was designed to guide every country on the threshold of its activities. It is meant to show direction to the countries on how to deal with their neighbors and the whole world in general. It was designed in such a way that every country on earth gets fairness in its trials and activities. Sadly, these laws have had their biggest share of application on the weaker countries with the powerful countries on earth getting an easy ride. From a Marxist point of view, the US has been preaching water and drinking alcohol, as they have been forcing the weaker countries to follow these laws to the letter while breaching on the sovereignty of these countries. Over the years, the US has been using the small countries to get what they want by applying some crude means. However, since it is a superpower, no questions are asked of them. An example is given of when the Bush administration declared Saddam’s Iraq as a rogue state and waged war on it. It was later found that the war had been started for selfish reasons; that is the control of oil. It is true that the US has made a mockery of the law with its actions and its time that these developments are stopped so that fairness can once again be realized.
Topic 3
Religion, like any other aspect of the society, is a good addition to the way of life in a community but only when it is regulated. The Bible and the Quran possess many good tidings that when followed in good faith while minding the rights of others and equality will bring about harmony in the world. The film Beyond Our Differences takes a swipe at religion with its negative effects on nationalism, which are true to some extent, but these are the realities when the religion is not applied well to other points of the society. Nationalism can also be a very good aspect in our world today, but when its values are applied in an unfair manner it can lead to separation from other countries. Nationalism means that the people in a certain country do things that support their country in a patriotic way. Nationalism is in use in most countries of the world and the governments and people of the country demand loyalty to its beliefs first before them supporting the international views. Religion promotes nationalism in ways more than one. Christianity has also been known to influence international relationships while in other instances, Islam has promoted nationalism to the extent that it only allows collaborations with countries that only support Islam.
The documentary highlights the several faults of religion when applied to nationalism and does so in a justified way. Islam believes in the jihad, which in literal terms means holy war. In the definition of the holy Quran jihad means a war, but it does not refer to physical war but rather it refers to a war within one’s self; a war that is done spiritually. The true religion of Islam believes in peace and prosperity. It also believes in the interdependence within countries’. Nevertheless, Islam has transitioned to become another religion that believes in wars. Some Islam extremists believe that it is only through terrorism and not dialogue that they will make their voices heard, thus they have turned the holy belief in jihad into that dreaded by many. This brand of Islam has turned nationalism into the most unaccepted term in the world since they deem that to be a nationalist one ought to adhere to their backward laws, and if you do not then you are not one of their own. Frankly speaking, the film Beyond Our Differences is justified in its critical analysis of religion since it can have negative consequences when not regulated.
Topic 4
The World Trade Organization (WTO) governs world trade. It has different perspectives and although it is regulated, individual countries have laws governing its operations inside the said countries. Some countries have accepted free trade with neighbors and trading partners, however, others are opposed to the idea since frequently it has led to inflation. Free trade is whereby trade is done without the governments’ intervention in import and export. Free trade should be done in countries where there is no major difference in the GDP and where there is a balance between imports and exports since it tends to bring about inflation and a major imbalance in import and export. The world trade organization should majorly deal with the problem of the environment, food security and the labor system since they are the main contributors in the world of trade. With global climate change being witnessed all over the globe due to several aspects such as development of industries, which pollute the environment, much care must be taken in order for the surroundings to be protected. It is no secret that a larger share of the products traded with is farm products; therefore, to keep the trade running the environment should be protected. It is also a significant factor in food security since foodstuffs cannot be manufactured but grown.
A bad weather means that food security will not be realized. It is a known truth that a packed stomach makes for a happy worker and therefore good rate of production and therefore the availability...
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