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The Boys of Baraka (Movie Review Sample)

The client required to do a movie review from a list of three movies and write 5 pages. the source was already provided. source..
The Boys of Baraka Name Institution The Boys of Baraka is a film directed by Heid Ewing and Rachel Grady. The film airs the story of twenty African-American boys from Baltimore who attended the seventh and eighth grade in a boarding school located in Kenya, East Africa. The boys are at a high risk of dropping out of school if they study in Baltimore, a state with high crime rate. An estimated 60% of boys in Baltimore do not graduate high school and instead engage in crime activities in the state. 50 percent of Baltimore African-American boys goes to jail. Drug dealers rule the states of Baltimore, families disintegrated by drug addiction and a public school system characterized by uncontrollable chaos. The paper analyzes the Boys of Baraka film using John Dewey philosophy of progressive education. The main characters in the film are Devon, Richard, Montrey and Romesh, all aged 12 to 13 years. The story starts at the boy’s hometown of Baltimore, one of the most poverty-stricken towns in Baltimore. Boys living in the city have a high probability of being killed before reaching adulthood. Richard is a troubled boy due to his father’s imprisonment and his little brother’s prospects of growing up to be a big boy. Romesh is suspicious and downbeat with the idea of heading overseas and leaving his family behind. Mortrey is a mischievous boy and has earned multiple suspensions after fighting with other boys. Devon is a preacher at his local church while coping up with his mother’s drug addiction. The boys are then offered an alternative venue to pursue education. This time, they are taken to a boarding school in Kenya, in East Africa. They are part of an innovative training program that provides a better atmosphere for the boys to live as boys and also have a peaceful environment for them to pursue academics. Their families and relatives give them the support to join sixteen other boys in attending an experimental school in a rural bush in East Africa. Their parents are hopeful that the rare opportunity will give them an education lifeline instead of staying behind and getting killed. The Baraka School follows a progressive education system rather than the traditional system. The school focuses on enhancing students interests with little constraints from the teachers. The environment allows students to explore the environment freely rather than being limited to the classroom environment. The progressive system allows the students to learn through experience and also gain vital skills. Dewey (1938) describes progressive education as "one that allows excessive individualism among learners, offers growth and expression, free activity and learning through experience (pp 20) The boys start learning at Baraka boarding school, an institution located in an area poorer than the upcountry areas of Baltimore. The school has a comprehensive curriculum and a strict disciplinary program. The teacher student ratio is one to five. Therefore, the boys can receive personalized attention from the tutors. Recruiters for Baraka school tell the parents and potential students that the boy have only three choices: death, prison or graduate from high school. The Baraka school was the only probable avenue where the boys would graduate from high school. The Baraka School has a good record of offering Baltimore African-American boys a chance to pursue education. The institution was founded in 1996 by Abell Foundation and given the name Baraka”, a Swahili word, a native language in East Africa. ‘Baraka’ means ‘blessings’ and was designed to give at-risk Baltimore boys a chance to grow personally away from the troubled neighborhoods of Baltimore. The Baraka school had an excellent record of offering students a conducive environment to pursue their learning, with a record of three out of four boys graduating fro...
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