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Analysis and Critique of a Video (Movie Review Sample)


The task was to watch a given video, and critique it.

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Analysis and Critique of a Video
An effective commercial persuades the audiences about the superiority of a product while at the same time dispelling dogmas associated with it. This is exactly what the Mustang video commercial achieves by using stylish cars and women in the same scene. The video begins with the scene of the Ford Mustang driving along one of the streets of New York City. Then, one can see a woman in black and red going along the sidewalk. Obviously, it is a stylish woman, who knows what she wants. Surprised by the beauty of the car, she walks slowly in order to see every detail of the car passing by. Then, one can see how the mustang changes from grey color to red and black colors. The presence of the woman helps the audience to identify with the fact that the car is for every gender. The change of color serves to depict the car as stylish and fashionable. In essence, the scene succeeds in appealing to our sense of style and dispelling the notion that certain cars are for a particular gender.
The car moves further along the street. Now, we can see a chef who is standing outside some restaurant or café. He is dressed in a white chef coat and his arms are crossed. He has one more noticeable feature, which is a big tattoo on his right arm. The red mustang turns from red and black into white with black signs along its lower side. This suggests that the car can easily be suited to satisfy any one sense of style and taste of color. It is also affordable to all classes of people irrespective of economic and social status. By dressing in a white coat, the chef makes the video believable as that is the attire worn by people in that profession.
The mustang keeps on driving father down the street. It seems like this car is always the first among other cars driving along the same street. These other cars are mostly yellow taxis. Then, one can see a young man in green t-shirt on a bicycle. The young man also looks at the car with amusement. Now the mustang changes its color to green with broad black line on it. The car keeps on moving. The change of color suggests that the car is easily modifiable to meet expectations of different people. Yellow taxis also make the video believable as well as allow the audience to judge the mustang cars against ordinary cars. Like any other person, Ford makes cars for people like him.
Finally, the car is arriving to a street corner where there are many people. Most of these people are men in dark business suits. One of them keeps a hand of a little girl in pink dress. When the girl notices the car, it instantly changes to pink, and then immediately to black. The little girl sees her reflection in the shiny car. In her reflection she is not dressed in pink, but in black stylish dress with black feathers and a nice hair-do like a little angel. A man’s voice on the background says, “Everyone has an inner Mustang.” After the car turns into the corner, the voice continues, “Unleash yours.” The mustang is racing father down the street. In the final shot, one can see a logo of “Ford” and inscription “The 2013 Mustang”. The businesspersons in black make the video authentic, as black suit and tie is the formal wear for business. It also reinforces the notion that the cars are for diverse socio-economic status. The little girl strengthens the idea that the cars are for different age groups. The fact that she sees her ref...
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