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Features of a Great Movie Research Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


I was revisiting the feature that make a movie great to watch and explaining the basic ways of reviewing a movie


Features of a Great Movie
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Features of a Great Movie
Great movies exude unique features such as originality of content, the integrity of art and concept, as well as an excellent communication of the theme. Whereas Ted Hope opines that there are about thirty-two characteristics of a great film, Mick Lassale identifies six unique features of a great film (Dolby, 2014). According to Lasalle, a good movie ought to exude complicity of thought and ideology in its conclusion. Besides, it should be topically new and embody timeless human value. A great movie usually has one scene that runs through all ages. As such, this article will lay emphasis on three prominent features of great films; originality of content, the integrity of art, as well as proper communication of the theme.
Any great movie must be original in setting, character, and narrative. Not only does the main character need to be unique in attitude, but also in occupation, psychological setup, as well as behavior (Hope, 2009). It character should possess a unique set of characteristics that suit them to perform specific and fundamental roles in the film. The characters of the cast should manifest in a more nuanced manner (Hope, 2009). To display originality, the film must display new features that the human mind can only conceive about. Such features include war with aliens on planet Mars. Besides, any great movie must have a complex but linear narrative that invokes appetite for more. A complicated story will shift to different scenes while advancing the same plot thus creating suspense on the audience.
Hope (2009) argues that a movie is essentially a dialogue with its viewers. Through dialogue, the film invokes both ideas and emotions. These thoughts and feelings will connect the audience with the cast and proliferation of interest and maximize pleasure for the public. Great films enable their audience to extract its theme. Most prominent movie themes include War, Love, and Drugs. A superior film producer will ensure that all separate scenes connect to the same topic without the audience having to employ critical thinking skills. The duty of the director and producer includes harmonizing all the scenes into one sophisticated theme at its conclusion. Therefore, proper communication of the movie theme is essential to the viewers.
A good movie ought to embody a character of moral integrity. In as much as the film serves to excite and amaze its audience, it ought not to compromise basic moral principles to attain congruence with modern taste (Hope, 2009). Hope, in his web article, argues that great movies have the ability to provide pleasure without compromising ethics. In fact, morally congruent films withstand the test of time. A...
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