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Kinsey Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The paper is about the main character in a movie.


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Kinsey is presented in the movie as the main character. As the movie reflects on the hurdles Kinsley goes through in his life, especially the academic and social part of it, the director ensured he has put measures in place to captivate the audience fully. I am fascinated by the use of humor and satire as they are widely employed. The whole story about Kinsey with his challenges, uprising and later downfall caught my emotions although from beginning to the end (Condon, 2004). The guy struggles since his childhood with a dad that did not care much about him. He joins a course that is not of preferences to his dad but does well and is employed as a lecturer (Condon, 2004). As events in his life culminate, he initiates what is life changing activity for him; venturing in human sexuality research (Condon, 2004). It is all inspiring to me and is a wakeup call for me to surpass all odds in pursuance of what I believe in doing.
As I watched the movie, I began with a dislike of Kinsey's character – like many others in the American society did to him. He is depicted as unethical, having to handle sexuality openly, a topic that was regarded to be a taboo to speak about in the American social setting (Condon, 2004). Eventually, I am able to view the other side of the coin where I began to view his character as an articulate one; one that was daring enough to explore and provide information on an issue that none before had attempted to cover that far. My view about him was also altered by the testimonial provided by an older alcoholic lady who attributed her alcoholism to the discord in herself about the feelings she had for another woman (Condon, 2004). She, however, attests to have found peace with herself after receiving insightful help from Kinsey's work (Condon, 2004).
There is the scene where Kinsey interviewed a creepy man that almost broke my ribs, but then I rested and rethought about it. The man had kept a clear and detailed record of everyone with whom he had had sexual intercourse (Condon, 2004). It is humorous that such a guy has to keep such a record. What for? With a looking, one identifies that he and Kinsey are similar in that they are all in search of data and information. The difference arises in that Kinsey carries out surveys and interviews while his subject is more inventive into trying it out himself.
The movie ...
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