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Reasoning About Multiplication and Division (Movie Review Sample)


The paper entailed viewing a video about how a maths teacher in class was cultivating learners to think during a multiplication and division lesson.


Reasoning about Multiplication and Division
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Analysis of Instructional Video
How do the children learn from each other?
Children are often afraid of math; this could be due to the methods of teaching employed by the teacher or the nature of children. When addressing such issues, it is important first to ensure that the children are comfortable in the class. The instructional video involved children being taught the relationship between division and multiplication. It involved starting a conversation about the topic creating an interactive platform where children engage the teacher and their peers in answering questions. The mathematical vocabulary used by third-grade children in the video is strong and shows the effectiveness of the teaching method applied by the teacher. During the interactions, children respond to the teacher first before they are given the go ahead to share their thoughts with their peers. This shows the great role the teacher is giving the children by allowing them to talk in turns. The children learn from each other by sharing their thoughts about the particular question. The opportunity to have each child talk in class promotes the critical thinking and ownership of thoughts. This technique improves the standards of teaching math that has been regarded as a tough course for a long time.
How does the teacher allow the students to make sense of their answers?
While the children are sharing answers among themselves, they come up with better ways of proving them thus ensuring that they learn. This ensures that the each child gets the opportunity to air out his or her opinion thereby giving them time to th...
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