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Threepenny Oprea: Production Concept Of The Play (Movie Review Sample)


Production Concept of thE play
two moments from the design, acting, or any other aspect of the production not directly related to the plot, script, or story


Threepenny Opera
Threepenny Opera
Part I
‘The Threepenny Opera’ production concept utilizes costume, lighting, sound, and other elements to show depravity in the societies. The play talks of Polly, Peachum’s daughter, who falls in love with Macheath. After learning about their relationship, Polly’s parents are enraged not mainly because Macheath was a criminal, but because he was a competitor to Polly’s father, who in a way is a thief like Macheath. He trains street people or beggars on how to prey on the public's mercy and gets a share of their begged earnings. Brown, a friend to Macheath and the chief of police, keeps Macheath out of jail, but Jenny, Macheath’s former girlfriend turns him in, but the Queen saves him from execution.
One of production concept the play utilizes is a simple setting. The production utilizes a poor look, especially in the first scene that revolves around beggars. There is also the use of old clothes to signify poverty and weakness. The producer also uses music to bring out the meaning of the play. There is an interplay of songs to signify light and dark deeds in the play. For example, sunny music in the in ‘The Ballard of Mack the Knife’ illustrates the dark deeds. The play also utilizes dangerous aspect to reflect on the capitalist society where people exploit others for them to be successful. For example, the white gloves, which Macheath ...
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