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Boiler Room Movie: Lessons Learned Research Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


Please follow the instructions and conduct a 2 page essay. Please follow the Word document.

Boiler room movie
Summary of the movie
The film reflects the life of a young person named Seth who gets a good income through running casino business which was an illegal business. Seth's dad is a judge who later learns the business of his son and raises an alarm towards the same. Due to that, Seth gets a job with Long Island shop as a broker. Being an associate junior he Is able to learn how to craft sales are made via the phone. Having obtained 7 series license, Seth aims to become a senior broker. The film is debut directed by Ben Young who has interviewed many brokers while he was working on the screenplay as a writer. Ben young starts his firm where he starts to interview individuals who are willing and able to work with him without a lot of vacations.
In the J.T. Marlin firm, Mr Ben assures the workers that they will be able to become millionaires in the next three months if they all remain focused. In connection to that, Ben assures his workers that there is no need of experience as in the firm they will be trained and there will be no brokers needed that's why he starts by excusing some of the willing employees. In the boiler room, Ben Gives his new workers a hard lecture of introductory which hardness their manhood. Mr Ben describes himself as a hard-working person who has gained a lot from his business of brokerage and he has been able to have a luxurious life through this business. He assures them that they can too access the same life if they are willing to work with him and he ends his speech by telling them whoever wishes to work with him to call him.
Lessons learned
Don't compare your life with others
Throughout the Bens speech, it's very clear he is a rich person as he tries to show how much he has earned in the business and the type of the car he drives. Living luxurious life is the wish of every one but there arise adversities that hinder some from making it and this leads to many people being held by a narrow path, ‘‘it's nothing to be embarrassed on, it is not for everyone"
There has to be sacrifice for one to succeed in life
For one to be able to succeed in life he or she has to work hard. This is much evident in the speech when Mr Ben assures his team that if they work hard for the first 3 months they will be able to pocket $150 in a month.
Learning how to swim first is a better strategy
In order to be more competitive in any envi...
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