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Significance of Developing and Enhancing Essential Capabilities (Movie Review Sample)


- In your own words, write a synopsis (summary) of the video, identify the key takeaways (learning), and include your reflection/recommendations.
- Also, do not use source material of any type --no citations required-- and not counting the question prompt. Organize your thinking; that is, do not submit one long paragraph.
- Most importantly, be insightful, provocative, and forthcoming...and avoid generalities


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The video talks about the significance of developing skills and having a growth attitude in the present-day job market. The speaker explains how forms of skills like transferable abilities, tender capabilities, and technical capabilities are vital to constructing a successful profession. Transferable abilities, like conversation, problem-fixing, and teamwork, are important to any activity, at the same time as technical abilities are used to conduct precise tasks. Soft competencies are personality tendencies that consist of being punctual, positive, and having empathy.
The speaker also emphasizes the significance of obtaining new skills, increasing information, and engaging in non-public improvement. She mentions that lifelong learning is a brand-new fashion within the job market, and those who are willing to learn and adapt to the modifications are the ones who will prevail. She recommends taking courses and attending conferences, and activity fairs to broaden new competencies and benefit from new insights into the activity marketplace.
The video discusses the significance of having an increased mindset. An increased mindset is a perception that our intelligence and abilities can be advanced through tough work and dedication. According to the speaker, it is essential to have a 

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