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The Freshman – Synopsis, Reflection, and Review (Movie Review Sample)


The Freshman" is a silent comedy directed by Sam Taylor and Fred Newmeyer, and it was released in 1925. I chose to review a movie from the given list, and I selected "The Freshman." The paper will start with an introduction paragraph, followed by a description of the movie's characters, plot, synopsis, and themes. The film revolves around Harold Lamb, played by Harold Lloyd, who arrives at Tate University with a plan to become the "most popular man in college." It is important to note that "The Freshman" is a silent comedy. The paper will consist of two double-spaced pages and a reference source.


The Freshman- Synopsis, Reflection, and Review
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Identification of film, release date, and stars:
The Freshman is a silent comedy directed by Sam Taylor and Fred Newmeyer. The film was released in 1925. Harold Lloyd played the role of the freshman, Jobyna Ralston starred as Peggy, and other significant parts were played by Brooks Benedict, James Anderson, Hazel Keener, Joseph Harrington, and Pat Harmon.
Synopsis & theme of the film:
The film revolves around Harold Lamb, played by Harold Llyod, who arrives at Tate University and plans to become the "Most Popular Man in College" (Aspell, 2017). Harold Lamb is nerdy and innocent and wants to fit in desperately. He dresses and acts like The College Hero of yore so that he becomes famous. He has built the image of ideal campus life by watching movies such as The College Hero. He has his jig and catchphrases well-rehearsed; however, upon his arrival, he faces exploitation at the hands of

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