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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie Review Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


"Who Framed Roger Rabbit " movie Review

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‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ is a remarkable 1988 film production that rejuvenated and raised the bar of animation cinematic production. The most significant feature that defines and distinguishes the movie is the outstanding and seamless producer’s ability to integrate western live action with animation. This outstanding integration instills originality and audacity in the movie. Robert Zemeckis’ expression of diversity, impressive ideas and innovation, makes the movie delirious entertaining. The cooperation between human and animation genres makes it unique expression of an exceptional film noir production.
The movie depicts cartoon characters interacting and living among humans. The directors of the film employed diverse effects and characterization to make the movie timeless and redefine cartoon and animation cinematic productions. The movie depicts various human and animated characters interacting and influencing each other’s social lives. Animated characters in the movie are referred to as toon and the originated and live in Toon town, a neighborhood resident near Hollywood. Roger Rabbit is the toon star character. The movie is a brilliant detective and drama narration full of humor and comedy. Roger Rabbit is depicted to in deep trouble. He is literally absent minded hence unable to concentrate at work. In the movie setting, toons are designed and utilized to make everything and anything laughable. They are depicted as funny characters often adopted in filmmaking to induce humor ( Bourne, 1).
R.K Maroon notes that Rogers is troubled. He is a film director and...
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