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Contagion Movie (Movie Review Sample)

What is the epidemiology issue and what epidemiology activities are occurring in this movie to prevent and control the transmission of this virus? What type of medical treatment is being provided to those who have the disease? (Use epidemiology and medical terms when answering this question). 3 Pretend you are one of the virologists in this movie, what are you finding out about this virus? In other words, what are the cell characteristics of this virus, the incubation period, the transmission route and transmission rate. source..
Contagion Movie Review Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name and Number Instructor’s Name Date of Submission Contagion Movie Review The epidemiology issue General, epidemiology is “the study of the determinants, occurrence, and distribution of health and disease in a defined population” (Brachman, 1996, p.n.p). The Contagion is a movie about the outbreak of a deadly infectious virus, MEV-1 pathogen in Hong Kong. The fictional account was released in 2011 to depict how dangerous infectious diseases spread worldwide within a short duration. The epidemiology issue in the movie involves how a dangerous virus created in Hong Kong became into contact with a bat. The bat had carried the virus through a banana peel in his mouth, and when he flew over a pig pin, the fruit dropped accidentally and got stuck onto the pig pin (Burns, 2011). A pig ate the fruit and when it was taken to one of the restaurants to be served, one of the employees got into contact with its blood, and he late came into contact with an American businesswoman, Beth. Beth consequently spread the virus to her son whom she was living with through contact, and when she traveled back to the US, the virus rapidly spread to several people she was close to (Burns, 2011). She was hospitalized with symptoms, such as fever and cough, and she soon died alongside her son. Epidemiology activities are occurring in this movie to prevent and control the transmission of this virus Epidemiology looks into the distribution and determinants of health and disease, morbidity, injuries, disability, and motility in a given population. Form the concept of descriptive epidemiology, the virus spread within a population in Hong Kong and across geographical boundaries over time to infect numerous people in the United States. Medical practitioners strived to identify patient zero, (Beth, Gwyneth Paltrow) (Burns, 2011). She was identified as the one who spread the virus in the United States upon coming into contact with the restaurant’s employee. Medical practitioners, such as Enrin Mears took the matter seriously and admitted infected patients to her large holding areas to at least ameliorate the health conditions of the ill and dying (Burns, 2011). Those who had contracted the virus were placed in such areas and travelers who had just arrived in the US from Hong Kong were placed in mandatory quarantine and isolation to reduce the transmission rates before receiving their first vaccine doses. The federal government made quarantines mandatory for such new arrivals to minimize transmission rates. The CDC strived to investigate and contain the virus while the WHO tasked epidemiologists to identify the cause and origin of the deadly pandemic when the Homeland Security also collaborated with the CDC to identify if the outbreak was a terrorist attack or not (Burns, 2011). An understanding of the spread of the infectious disease is based on the epidemiological triangle model that entails there specific factors, including the agent, the host, and the environment. The environment is Hong Kong’s pigpen that bids infected with the virus had access to while the restaurant’s chef was the indirect mode of transmission because he handled the pig that had eaten the banana pee...
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