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Communications & Media: Kya Kehn, by Kundan Shah , 2001 (Movie Review Sample)


Review the film, Kya Kehn, by Kundan Shah , 2001

Kya Kehn, by Kundan Shah , 2001
Kya Kehn is Bollywood film released in 2000 and directed by Kundan Shah. The leading actor in the movie is Preity Zinta, and she plays a single teenage mother. The film tackles the taboo issue of pre-marital teenage pregnancy and how the Indian society views it. The movie was one of the highest grossing productions and catapulted Zinta to her stardom within the Hindi film industry.
The film revolves around Priya Bakshi (Played by Preity Zinta), a courageous, determined and independent girl from a middle-class Indian family who lived in a town located in the Himalayan foothills. After her graduation from an exclusive all-girls boarding school, she goes back home to attend college and falls in love with Rahul, a local boy from her hometown. Her family learns of their relationship and launches a strong objection of their romance. Their opposition is informed by the knowledge of Rahul's well known womanizing ways. Unwittingly, Priya starts a passionate affair with the Lothario and predictably becomes pregnant. An makes her family reject her and ultimately eject her from her home for bringing disgrace to the household. Priya is perplexed by the turn of events after it became apparent that it's the entire community and not just her family that had banished her. After giving it enough thought and consulting with some local peers, she decides to run away by boarding a train at the local train station.
However, as luck would have it, her family learns of her plan and decides to intercept her before she boards the train. They approach her with a reconciliatory message after realizing that her absence would be too terrible to bear. Later on, Priya and her family attend a school play with an eerily similar plot as her predicament. In the play, the expectant teenage protagonist commits suicide with the view of "restoring" her family's lost honor. The public shaming which was devised by her mother devastates her, and she is determined to speak up against it. She campaigned against shaming of teenage mothers, and her speech yielded a standing ovation. She later goes back to school to a much more welcoming crowd. They shower her with gifts and praises. In the long run, her strong-willed character, deter...
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