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The Bicycle thieves (Movie Review Sample)

“The Bicycle” is a simple story line movie by Vittorio De Sica, who writes the script in response to the poor living standards of the Italian population after the World War II. source..
Your Name Professor's Name Course Name Date of Submission Bicycle Thieves Introduction "The Bicycle" is a simple story line movie by Vittorio De Sica, who writes the script in response to the poor living standards of the Italian population after the World War II (Barough 18). The movie uses a non professional actor to articulate the hardships in the then postwar society. This makes the movie to fall under the Italian neo-realism category. It is a story of Ricci a broke man in search of a job to sustain his family. He fortunately gets a job as a poster hanger, but with one basic requirement that he should have his own bicycle. To meet this requirement, his wife, Mary, hocks the whole bed linen collection of the family, to cash in the already forfeited bicycle. Unfortunately, on his first at the job, Ricci's bicycle is stolen by someone who probably needed the same job, which makes him spent the entire day together with his son Bruno searching for the bicycle, in the crowded city The author shows how difficult the searching task is, in the Rome city, and even the policemen do not offer him and his son any assistance. They give up on searching the bicycle and get to a restaurant. While eating Bruno is concerned with how his father spends and he tells him, to spend that much needs a monthly earning of a million lira (Wilson 105). By good luck, they spot the thief with the bicycle and after a confrontation, crowds and a policeman arrive. The cop does not help Ricci recover his bicycle because he believes only Ricci as the witness for theft, is not enough evidence. At the end of the story, Ricci tries to steal a bicycle to propagate the stealing cycle and poverty trends in the society. The film maker poses the movie in a neorealist style as he makes use of real people rather than professional actors for the main character to generate the logic of realism (Forgacs 52). He also makes use of real places in the Roman city for the movie shooting. In a simple way, the movie addresses major issues affecting the society at large. Such issues include the Italian cultures and institutions, political systems, the Church institution, family, sports, government bureaucracy, and neighborhood. Bruno, the son to the main character, believes in his father as the hero (Barough 18). However, it is painful for him to come to realization that Ricci is a common human and not the hero he anticipated. The movie purely looks at the life line of a poor man and it does not compare the poor with the rich. All that is seen to be important is simply the ability to put food on the table for one's family. The movie's critics say that, it does a good job in exposing des...
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