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Review The Movie Ghost In The Shell To Identify Its Strengths (Movie Review Sample)


The Task Was To Review The Movie Ghost In The Shell To Identify Its Strengths, Weaknesses And Lessons Learned From It As A Communication Tool.

Communication is an important tool in human life since it entails sharing of information that can be used to make useful decisions. Different media are used to convey a given message to the audience depending on the approach chosen by the one passing the information. Films are part of the plat forms that individuals use to communicate to the public since many people like watching hence making it an appropriate tool. The effective of the message depends on how the movie is directed and the content incorporated in the movie. This paper focuses on analyzing “Ghost in the Shell” with the aim of establishing its strengths and weaknesses that can be observed when one is watching the movie. The information gathered can be used universally when evaluating any given film since the approach is the same across the entire sector.
The “Ghost in the Shell” movie was designed by Masamune Shirrow with the intentions of creating an idea of how ghosts work in human life through the use of technology ("Ghost in the Shell - Movie Review"). The film was translated into different versions where language was a factor to be considered due to the diversity associated with viewers. For the sake of increasing attractiveness, the movie was translated into animation. This changed the perception since individuals were attracted and could get the message of the film through the continuous watching of the film. Having such movies in the society is helpful especially to young children who are fascinated by the motions made by the characters in the movie.
Strengths of the movie
When observing a given movie, it is important to derive some areas that portray strength that can make the movie enjoyable to the viewer. The practice makes it a credible source of information because the direct is in a position to achieve the intended purpose of delivering information to the audience. Understanding the kind of the targeted audience is a practical approach towards realizing the set objectives. The use of animations in the film is a strength that the movie-maker can employ to attract the audience since information is shared as the audience is glued on the actors ("'Ghost in the Shell' Movie Review: All ScarJo, No Soul"). Without incorporating such elements one might be irrelevant because different people have different ways of appreciating ideas. It calls for critical analysis when thinking of coming up with a film since various components are involved and they must be factored for the message to be delivered as per the expectations.
As much as the film has numerous strengths, there significant weaknesses that might needs to be addressed. The approach to employ technology has some negative outcomes where the film is at risk of being manipulated by criminals. The practice is a threat to the movie industry since people can use an individual’s idea to portray a different intention hence making the whole process a challenge. It is critical for the film directors to be keen when developing their concepts to avoid cases where other people hijack their information. This can be evidenced by the fact that the film was translated by different individual to make it more attractive. Patenting issues must be addressed to ensure the original author enjoys some rights before making it a public do...
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