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Cocaine Cowboys Movie (Movie Review Sample)


The task was about the application of psychological concepts evident in the movie \"Cocaine Cowboys\"

Cocaine Cowboys Movie
How does Merton’s model of Adaptation apply?
Merton’s model of adaptation applies in the movie conformity displayed by government agencies. For instance, Federal police officers, customs officers and barristers helped in the importation of cocaine for bridges. Innovation is also evident through investment of illicit drug investments into legit businesses. It is apparent that this paid since the public did not understand the underground trade of illicit drugs that resulted in those investments. This became the common thing in Miami since most slowly people joined the game. As a result, individuals who joined the game started dropping out because they did not understand the secrets of retreatism. This led to rebellion from all government quarters, and troops were organized to track the drug lords for prosecutions. This happened after the citizens blamed the government for the infiltration of drug trafficking into the state without taking of actions and appropriate measures.
How does Sutherland’s Differential Association apply?
Sutherland’s differential association applies because the constant interactions with the drug traffickers enabled law enforcers to learn the values and attitudes of criminal behaviors. This contributed to the imprisonment of Jorge "Rivi" Ayala who was a notorious executioner. Ayala worked for Griselda Blanco in killing those who opposed the activities of drug trafficking. This theory emphasizes on how people learn tactics to become criminals without prior knowledge of the consequences. For instance, police officers accepted cocaine trade at the expense of Marijuana. After frequent interactions with the criminals, police officers were able to stop the influence and penetration of illegal activities in the city.
How do Cloward and Olin’s Differential Opportunity apply?
In the movie, drug dealers used legitimate opportunities to pursue socially accepted objectives, which were publicly controlled and unequally distributed. This later led to access to criminal behavior and misconduct through cocaine businesses. This implies that the social structure, exhibited by Blanco, influenced admission to both the knowledge and performance organizations that endorsed career delinquency.
How do Burgess and Aker’s Differential Reinforcement apply?
Differential reinforcement is the act of supporting the wrong doers instead of punishing the corrupt behaviors to reduce its occurrence. This implies that one eliminates the unscrupulous habits by using positive support in an organized manner. The local administers in Miami focused on desired activities of the drug lords, but ignored the inappropriate behaviors. This was evident because nobody interfered with the executions by Ayala and his crew. The society only appreciated the benefits that drug trafficking had on the economy, yet ignored the source of the benefits. This habit ruins lives of innocent people without government involveme...
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