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‘Jarhead’ Movie Review How Historically Accurate is the Movie? (Movie Review Sample)


the task was all about movie review of jarheed and the sample the questions which was discussed was: How Historically Accurate is the Movie? and How the Movie Portray Certain People.

‘Jarhead’ Movie Review
How Historically Accurate is the Movie?
The movie, Jarhead, is removed from one of Antony Swofford Memoirs that dates back to 1991, when he was involved in a corps at Desert Storm. The film depicts historical realism and accuracies since it reveals the emotional stress, turmoil, and boredom experienced in the war. One the audience, Castleberry, after watching the film states that the movie is a true portrayal of what happens when Marines war.
The movie seems quiet inaccurate according to the view of historians in regards to time. Four clear instances bring out these inaccuracies. According to the veterans, the film displays in an exaggerated and implausible manner. Ex-Marine Nathaniel Fick picks out a scene where the marines are dancing around a bonfire. The act is very improbable (Clinton n.p).
In the same incident, a minor character dies from an accidental shot. The third instance of inaccuracy is where Fick rules out that the mental abuse and the physical damage soldiers undergo, which includes being branded with a USMC logo held down are rare. The scene is out of war context (Horton et al 27).
Ficks adds that a marine can never be abandoned in the battlefield. Lastly, the Marine Corps Public Affairs states that the movie is an inaccurate portrayal of the real life marine. The film fails to give an appropriate interpretation of the military life.
How the Movie Portray Certain People
In spite of the political rights and power, which to some extent indicate that the minorities have been reached, the supremacists’ minds and beliefs that were taught in the American psyche are revived. The society views Blacks as second-class citizens. Generally, Blacks have never been treated the same as the Whites. Instead, they are viewed as lazy, less intelligent, childish, violent, and animal-like among others in the society.
The story of depicts a Black firing a rifle for several years as he goes to war and he receives no reward when he comes back home (Clinton n.p). He feels that he will always remain a jarhead and according to him, he remains in the desert with neither respect nor appreciation for what he has done. African-Americans are seen to be people with powers, which is evident in how they are treated in the battlefield.
Blacks do not gain rewards after war; they continue to anguish in poverty while their White counterparts get the benefit of their sweat. The society feels like they do something worthwhile, unlike the Blacks in the war field. Looking at how the media portrays the people, African-Americans and Latin-Americans are specifically the minorities and victims of a media that perpetuates social stereotypes (Clinton n.p). Social media, which is often biased, continues to perpetuate social stereotypes even in the era of multiculturalism and diversity. Media support the social order class.
Works Cited
Clinton, Paul. "Review:‘Jarhead War Movie With No War: Persian Gulf War Film a Start Character Study, but little more." CNN. Retrieved on February 27, 2017 from  HYPERLINK "
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