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Review of Argo (Movie Review Sample)


Reviewing the movie argo.

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Review of Argo
Ben Affleck treated his audience with a true-life based movie “Argo” released in 2012. It keeps one rooted to the screen as long as it takes. He tries to rewrite history in a magnificent and triumphant way using Hollywood stylistic magic. Argo is a dramatic thriller based on a real-life event that took place in Tehran, Iran in 1979 when the American embassy was taken over by Iranian revolutionists. The reaction was a protest to the U.S. for offering the former ruler Shaha asylum. Although films are not the best way to redevelop a historical event, Affleck accounts are more than enough to inform on what might have taken place. He has a magic hand in introducing the audience to the storyline of the movie. A female voice narrates the events preceding the U.S. embassy ambush and the fortunate escape of six lucky employees whose escape develop the storyline. What follows is a covert operation to return home the six escapees who have taken refuge at the residence of Canadian Ambassador. The director wants to connect the audience to the real underlying issues between the U.S. and Iran. The U.S. and Iran have had a frosty relationship since the incident.
The director uses known faces in the film industry to promote his agendas in the movie. The film tries to expose the intrigues and red tapes that surround the CIA operations and intelligence dissemination. The magnitude of the problem seems bigger than what Affleck has portrayed by showing that only a single CIA agent was sent to Iran without support to retrieve the six Americans in hiding. This points to the failure of the U.S. security operators to safeguard its citizens in foreign lands. Before the attack, embassy officials tried emphatically to get reinforcement, which never happened. In addition, director’s inclusion of film shootings is a way of showing the world that the American film industry developed early and could embed technological development in acting. The Canadian film company is currently shooting in Tehran, and they use robots and alien-like costumes in their films.
I think one of the reasons the director was successful communicating to the audience was his choice of cinematic styles used in the movie. First, the first scene of the movie takes us back to the 1970s, when Tv set was black and white, and security personnel using a radio size walkie-talkie. Streets are characterized by models of vehicle manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s. Secondly, the costumes used marks a lifestyle associated with 1970s, and that is a score for the director. The facial makeup of bushy mustaches and beards of the main actors showcased a trend of the 1970s when the incident took place. The choice of the site makes the movie more realistic, and historical recap what took place. I think the sites of shootings were somewhere in the middle east to bring the environment as close as possible to sceneries in Iran.
Even good movies have flaws in reenacting historical events, and “Argo” is no exception. Historically, Canada and Ottawa were at the center stage of the whole operation yet Affleck seems to diminish the role played by the ...
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