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Provide A Critique Of The Movie Clip On 'Book Of Mormon' (Movie Review Sample)


Provide a critique of the movie clip on 'book of Mormon'

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Book of Mormons
The play "Book of Mormons" 2017 Pantages Los Angeles presented a musical comedy of two young Mormon Missionaries who went to preach the Mormon religion in Uganda, Africa. The two missionaries, Kevin Price and Cunningham, were determined to convert many Ugandans to Mormon religion even though Cunningham was just a sycophant of Kevin. Price a had a better grasp of the Mormon doctrines while Elder Cunningham only relied on the stories he heard about the religion and science fictions. It made Cunningham lie to his subjects when Kevin left the mission due to threats from the General. The show was acted on a racism platform because the characters cracked jokes that Jesus Christ lived in the United States of America and not any other place. This paper provides a full critique of the events in the play "Book of Mormons" 2017 Pantages Los Angeles on the mission of spreading the Mormon religion.
The theatrical participants that created the event comprised Kevin Price, Elder Arnold Cunningham, Nabulungi and her community, Elder McKinley, Mission President and the Ugandan General. Price and Cunningham were the two young missionaries who traveled to preach Mormon religion in Ugandan. They met Nabulungi who learned their ways faster and spread to other members of her community. Nabulungi also directed Price and Cunningham to meet their fellow missionaries who were living in the area. After the General had threatened to kill the converted souls, Kevin quitted the mission living Cunningham alone. When...
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