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The Outsiders Movie Review By Francis Ford Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


the task was about a movie review by Francis Ford.

Imagine you are a football fan, and two big games are happening on the same day, same time. Think of an England Derby Match and a Spanish Derby Match. How would you feel? You will not have a chance to watch one of the matches. Unfortunately, Francis Ford Coppola's "The Outsiders" and “Bad Boys” launches the same day. Both films opening the same day contrasts all the more dramatic between the high-energy realism of Bad Boys and Ford’s The Outsiders which is full of styles, over-careful, and deadening approach to some sort of similar material.
The basis of “The Outsiders” is from a book that is well-known for teenage group by S. E. Hinton. It is on class dispute among two groups, the "soches," well known as rich kids, and the "greasers," who are the sick kids. It all starts with the poor kids who tries to pick up a girlfriend from rich kid at the drive-in. Later that night, a fight broke up leading to the killing of a rich kid. After the incidence, the kids from the poor class who did the killing run to Dallas Winston, the top ranking adolescent hood. Winston gave the two teens some cash and orders them to board a train and run away from town.
Although Ralph Macchio and Thomas Howell, who killed the rich kid, were persuasive, the story is not compelling, and also Francis does not see it convincing. In some parts and scenes in the film, Francis presents the two kids against a revolting incident and paints them with bright light in an improper red-orange color which makes the two kids look like Gordon MacRae in "Oklahoma!"
“The Outsiders” does not address the issues about teenage-hood. It takes teenage-hood as an issue by itself. At the age of Ponyboy, who is 14 years of age, one cannot think like an adult. One is still a child who has a deformed body, shuffling and struggling to adapt to a reality that is ever-changing, and one does not know who you are.
What makes Ponyboy so real and believable, is the helplessness and his impossibility to identify his ill. He is not bullied at all. He lives in a place that is violent and literally, he has a gang that sticks up for him. His biggest issu...
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